“Being a bodybuilder prepping for my comp in September, Sean has been a lifesaver with my training in helping my body recuperate for the next gruelling session. I would recommend Sean to anybody regardless of what you need myotherapy for.” – Robert July 17

“I’ve had lower back pain which is caused by my major muscle being inactive. Since coming to see Sean I’m feeling much better and about to start going back to the gym to get back into shape.” – Allison July 17

“I have hip dysplasia and spend winters in pain – it also prevents me doing a lot of what I want to do. After many attempts to get relief from this I found Sean who in three sessions has me to the point that I can do a little running again! As a yoga instructor I have also noticed that my forward flexibility through the hips and lower back has increased – very pleased! Thanks Sean!” – Kellie July 17

“I would highly recommend Sean. He is professional and very confident in his practice.I went along to Sean looking for relief from my knee pain in both knees. I want to be medication and pain-free. After a couple of visits I am on my way to being medication and pain-free.” – Karyn April 17

“Hugely knowledgeable guy, great value and fantastic service. I had an ongoing problem with my knee that Sean diagnosed thoroughly, treated effectively and offered sound advice that has stopped the issue recurring. Nice work.” – Adam January 17

“I cannot rate Sean high enough. I first went to Sean with sciatica and hip flexor pain which I had suffered with on and off for years. After a handful of consultations I have not experienced any pain or discomfort and I am back to working out and have not had a problem since. I found Sean to be very knowledgeable and professional as well as generally easy and friendly to talk to.” – Natalie October 16

“Sean is super professional and welcoming and I can honestly say that since seeing him every fortnight my injuries have improved tenfold and I’m seeing significant differences in my recovery!” – Jessie October 16

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