A day in the life . . . .

Welcome to the new website! Here’s what to expect in future blogs:

  • Exercises and stretches. They will be the movements I do and I’m picky.
  • Case studies. It’s all well and good to know what I treat but how do you know that I can?
  • Tips. These will be HIGH quality. The secrets. . . .
  • Offers. But you can find more of these on my Facebook page.
  • People who inspire me. They might be famous and they might not.
  • General awesome content! 

I’ll try my absolute BEST to get these out regularly (every 2/3 weeks) and I promise that you will enjoy it.

I want to start with what a typical inital treatment consists of.

  • Client fills out consult forms and I’m currently blind as to what the ailment is.
  • Consult form is finished and I look for red flags (anything that would be a contraindication to my treatment) first before moving onto the less serious/manageable issues.
  • The barrier has been broken and information comes flooding at me regarding the ailment at hand.
  • I have an idea of what is going on but I need to check first. I explain this to the client.
  • Assessments are undertaken. Each one specific to that individual. Still looking for red flags.
  • I get a positive result to a test. The puzzle is starting to take shape.
  • I treat the ailment using techniques specific to that individual with a drafted treatment plan I have designed whilst the client is changing.
  • We get good results! Repeat!


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