5 Steps to Running Pain Free

I’m going to be giving away a HUGE tip for runners wanting to get back into running pain free after an injury. This is what I would do as a part of a rehabilitation plan for someone getting back into running. 

Step 1. Write down the distance that you were running prior to the injury. This is your goal. 

Step 2. Go for a light jog and record the distance that you can achieve BEFORE you feel pain. Make sure that, if there is pain, it remains at a 2-3/10* on YOUR pain scale and DOES NOT get any worse. This is important. 

*0= pain free; 10= worst pain you’ve ever felt. (2-3/10 is discomfort only) 

Step 3. If you’re confident with your distance decrease it still. We want to make sure we don’t get ahead of ourselves when we run. We tend to push ourselves which is a great trait naturally but it can cause further injury in this case. For instance, if I think I can do 300 metres of running painfree I’m actually going to cut it down to 250 metres. 

Step 4. Listen to your body when you run the distance. Take your time. Do not push it. The idea is to associate running with a rewarding feeling rather than pain. If pain overcomes then it can cause us to lose technique and further injure the area. Make sure you do NOT push past 2-3/10. This is known as a “flare up”. Run only to the distance you have recorded. 

Step 5. Persist at this level for a week or for however long it takes. Gradually increase by 25, 50 or 100 metres each time you are ready. Your body will give you the best feedback you need. Every time you increase the distance make sure it DOES NOT exceed a 2-3/10. 

Note: this is best performed under the guidance of myself as a treatment plan. If pain persists you will have to see me. 

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